Coastal Grill has been earning rave reviews ever since its opening over 17 years ago. Many local chefs started their career in the Coastal Grill kitchen. We have been featured in Hospitality Magazine and Esquire Magazine, among other publications. Our service is attentive, yet unobtrusive and our family-style atmosphere results in frequent return visits from locals.

The following excerpts highlight why our restaurant repeatedly earns recognition through the local press with Golden Fork and Crystal Stem awards.We are also the proud recipients of the "Perfect Pint" award from Guiness. In 2007 we earned top honors as the best restaurant by the Hampton Roads Magazine Platinum Plate Awards!

"The mussels, lamb and scallops are always right on."

"There is one sure thing in life - dinner at Coastal Grill, whether one of properly prepared fresh-caught fish or a robust meat dish, will always be a winner."

"To produce such excellent dishes for so many years is remarkable"

"Consistent, top quality fare in unpretentious setting with exceptionally proficient service."

"The best soft shell crabs and scallops....The greatest on Great Neck."

"What people love most about it: Always meets or exceeds their high expectations.

"Terrific atmosphere...perfect for that romantic dinner. The Pepper Seared Tuna is incredible."

"The menu features local seafood as well as more traditional meat and poultry. Seafood dishes include everything from seared pepper tuna with lemon thyme sauce to grilled salmon. The garden salad is updated with the addition of blue cheese, pine nuts and currants. Grilled lamb is served Greek style with spicy eggplant and olives. Desserts combine the simple (strawberry shortcake) and sublime (white chocolate mousse) and are artfully presented."